Serving 80-square-miles in the Spokane Valley of eastern Washington State, Central Valley School District strives to ensure optimal learning opportunities for the more than 13,000 students attending the District’s 23 schools. High quality academic and co-curricular programs for students in grades K-12, pre-school and a wide variety of learning support and highly-capable programs are delivered in an innovative, caring learning environment.

Record engagement helps Central Valley School District create a quality facilities plan and pass their first bond in 17 years

Webinar with Ben Small and Dave MacLeod

Passing a Bond after 17 years of "No"

Despite many previous, well-intended attempts to find a better solution to the District’s declining facilities, they continued to face the prospect of having 1,500 elementary students without classrooms by 2018. In fact, Superintendent Ben Small and the District tried “every traditional engagement method they could think of” to help inform past bond proposals, but there just didn’t seem to be a process available to get at the depth of engagement needed to do so.

Parents and community members cared deeply about the state of the schools in their district, but they need to be engaged in a way that was inclusive and easily accessible. By partnering with Thoughtexchange, the District heard from more community members than all previous attempts combined and some of what they learned was surprising.


Watch how Central Valley School District is raising the bar on community engagement by reaching out to their constituents in new and innovative ways, in order to make community informed decisions.


“We’re proud of our [past] efforts but nothing has even come close to Thoughtexchange.”

BEN SMALL, Superintendent

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