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District leaders are repeatedly required to make difficult decisions. Budget cuts, technology platforms and facilities planning scenarios are just a few examples. These decisions have far-reaching implications both for the students and staff in the district and for the community at large.

As a district leader, building trust with your staff, students, parents and other community members is a big part of your role. Meaningful engagement is an important part of creating the necessary buy-in for difficult choices. It helps to ensure that your community feels heard and respected, and creates confidence that decisions are being made for the right reasons.

While town-hall meetings and listening tours speak to mostly empty auditoriums, people are increasingly turning to the Internet to comment and criticize on any number of positions, whether or not these positions are related to district issues.

At Thoughtexchange we work to create an online forum that is fair and safe for all participants – one that keeps online dialogue civil, constructive and on-point. We’ve built our Group Insight Platform™ in response to conversations we’ve had with hundreds of thousands of students, staff, parents and community members over the past few years. Their input has helped us surface insights into the future of public education for hundreds of district leaders and their communities.

In this process, we want to create a dialogue directly among district leaders and share insights about the ability of district leadership to build trust through online engagement, now and into the future. Please take this opportunity to reflect on your own beliefs around online engagement and learn from other leaders in your field.

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We will be sharing the preliminary results of this process at our upcoming webinar on April 8: Passing a Bond After 17 Years of “No” – How Online Engagement Helped. The final result will be available online to all participants shortly thereafter.

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