Building Trust Online: Welcome to Discover

Does the Internet have the ability to build trust?

This Leadership Thoughtexchange™ asked superintendents across North America their perspective. How can the online space be used effectively to engage both staff and community? What are its strengths and when are other engagement methods valuable?

On this Discover site you can consider prioritized thoughts from leaders and learn the story of Central Valley School District (CVSD). If you missed it, be sure to watch our webinar where Superintendent Ben Small and Thoughtexchange™ President Dave MacLeod share how to build trust with the community and how engagement helped the district pass its first bond measure in 17 years.

This site showcases,

Thank you to all of you who took part in this Thoughtexchange™ Leadership process. We were amazed and grateful by the number of superintendents who took time out of their busy schedules to share their thoughts. We look forward to our next engagement so we can continue to learn from you.

Thank you!

Top hopes in building trust online:

  • Sharing information easily and quickly
  • Engaging larger numbers of stakeholders
  • Hearing a broader range of perspectives
  • Seeing thoughts in the context of the larger community

Top concerns in building trust online:

  • Being able to connect with all stakeholders
  • Keeping the space safe
  • Using it in addition to not instead of
  • Losing control over the message
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